27 Oct 2013

Lessons you don't learn in school (pt 1)

We are at home. M is clearly upset.
Me: Hey, what's wrong?
M: It's (sob!) Jackson... He says he doesn't want to marry me... (sob!)
J: But Madi, I'm not ALLOWED to!! 
M: But why not?
Me: Well, you can't decide who to marry now anyway because it's a very grown up thing to do and, um... when you're old enough to be married, you won't WANT to marry your brother and-
M (Interrupting): Yes I will!
J: You won't Madi, and they won't let us!! (Wanders off with a nerf gun, shaking his head at me)
Me: You won't babe. He'll always be someone very special to you but the love you have for him isn't the marrying kind of love. Plus, when people get married they tend to have babies. So you know that means a little diddy cell from the mum and a little diddy cell from the dad to make a new person yeah?
M: Yes.
Me: But if the 2 people are brother and sister, the baby will be poorly and might die.
M: (Aghast) No! That's horrible, why?
Me: I don't know- it's to do with the blood of the 2 people being too similar. So babies don't turn out right.
M: Oh so brothers and sisters are incompatible then?
Me: Exactly.
M: Oh ok then.

Thank you Dragonvale.