28 Jun 2016

Policy making

E: I've decided to be a politician when I grow up.
Me: Really? What party will you join?
E: My own. It doesn't exist yet. It will be all the best bits from Capitalism and all the best bits of Communism and a few other ideas that I like all whizzed up in a blender.
Me: OK... So how will that work exactly?
E: Dunno. I'll free lance for a bit and see how it goes. I'm free lancing at the moment actually. (On Minecraft)
Me: Doing WHAT though? I still don't understand what you do.
E: It's like a consultancy thing.
Me: Peddling weaponry??!
E: Mining iron. And other ore. Then manufacturing weapons.
Me: Selling your soul to the highest bidder?
Me: No - I'm FREElancing. I'm my own company.
Me: Who are you working for?
E: Well, the Capitalists today. But the Communists need my services too. I've got to be neutral though - because whatever side I join will win.
Me: That sounds like too much power for one person to ever have.
E: Yeah - but I have it, so it will be fine.
Me: I'm actually disturbed by this conversation. You only care about profit. Not the villagers.
E: No, I don't care about money at all. I'm generating currency all the time. It's about the design and innovation.
Me: Then design and innovate a new world order then! Why have art imitate life??! Why make a system based on weapons? What about sustainable power? Hospitals? Don't your Minecraft people get sick? If you could start again what would you do differently? Build a better thing rather than reflecting the stupid world we have!
E: Well, no. And that's not how you win.
Me: How do you win?
E: You kill the other side.
Me: That's just ridiculous. You can do better than that. You're an engineer. MAKE rather than plan elaborate new ways to destroy.
E: It's a GAME, mum. Sheesh...

10 Jun 2016

In or out?

J: So mum - what do you think we should do about Europe?

Me: I've not formally decided yet, but so far I've not heard a valid reason for leaving. I think if something's not broken then you shouldn't try to fix it, and if something is broken then you shouldn't chuck it away if there's no viable alternative. You should try to fix the broken thing you have.'

E: Unless it's a BT home hub, in which case you should just get rid of it and buy one that works.