12 Sep 2016

More more more! (Part 2)

Eph 3
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Ask or imagine? OK - Game on...

• Poverty eradicated.
• ISIS converted and sold out for Jesus.
• FGM an outdated unheard practise.
• Children educated all over the planet.
• Integrity rewarded.
• Cancer cured.
• Missing limbs blown off by land mines re grown.
• Swords beaten into ploughshares.
• Weapons of war literally melted down and reformed as hospital beds.
• Integration of generations in society.
• Drivers being courteous to cyclists.
• Cyclists not bunching up in the road so you can't get past them.
• Dodos coming back.
• People loving God and worshipping him as the norm.
• Distribution of wealth without force- because people want to give.
• Misunderstandings talked through before they become problematic.
• Arguing well.
• Families staying together.
• Anti depressants redundant.
• Homophobia vanishes.
• Open borders.
• Freedom of speech. 
• No vomiting.
• Buckingham Palace opening a rehab wing for people in recovery.
• No dog poo on pavements.
• Transparency in business. 
• Hamsters not biting.
• People employed in what they are good at, enjoy and pays a living wage.
• Food banks closed down.
• Crisis pregnancy centres redundant as children are planned for and welcome.
• Clean water and drainage for every person on the planet. 
• Prisons empty.
• Marriages lasting.
• Violence uncommon.
• Rape unthinkable.
• Politicians listening rather than talking over each other.
• MPs happy to extol good ideas that originate out with their parties - and name their sources.
• Trident abolished.
• NHS properly staffed and equipped.
• Educators not squishing kids into a mould of conformity- but helping them tap into the gifts they already have.
• Closer / Heat etc go bust because no body's buying them.
• Porn industry disappears.
• Being able to fly- like you can in dreams then it's really sad to wake up.
• Celebrity cult thing loses appeal cause people don't need the escapism.
• Malaria eradicated.
• Stability in Middle East.
• Contentment in the human heart.
• No more wasps. Unless there's an outside chance they are useful for something. Then they can stay but they don't sting.

The end (for now).

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