6 Mar 2015

Evolution (part 3)

Have just entered another era of parenting. Like today.

Was still in bed this morning when ManChild left the house for his paper round and am typing this from my bed this evening while he's still out babysitting.

We have conversed today and I have been out of bed for most of it, but choosing to lock the front door and go to bed when my kid is not home yet feels weird.

Do I wait up or go to sleep?

Hmm. Bed is calling. Really tired.

He's babysitting for one of my best mates. He's getting a lift home. He's got his key. Have left his fave mug (with a tea bag in) and a hot water bag next to the kettle.

He will have spent the last 3 hours enjoying unrestricted wifi access with no tea making or screen break conditions.

We are encouraging a healthy work ethic and are actually quite... caring parents.... And... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...