6 Jan 2015

Evolution (pt 2)

I don't usually make resolutions ever, but this year I am going to learn to touch type. I can type pretty fast, but usually look at my hands. To not have to do this (as two of my colleagues do) seems like a super power.

My firdt attempt ar rouch typinf with our qieo coeeect.
I wull nir look at me dinfers.
I will not looj at mr fingerd/
I eill not ;oook ar mu dinfers.
I will nor look at mr jinfers.

Mu sevind attempt at typing withour auto correct
Iwill nor look at me fingers
I will not look zt mu fuingers
I will not look T MY fingers

Mr third attempt at typing eithout auto correct
I am looking at mu fingers just a little bit as it's been the hoilidarts ANS I haven;t pracrised. You can so tell I am a nit eusty.

Happy Nww YEAR!!

Next year I will conauer teleportation.