20 Dec 2014


I am now the parent of an employed person. ManChild has a paper round.

He's had paid work before, but it was from us so doesn't count - especially the times we've paid him in chocolate. This job was sourced and secured by himself without us getting involved at all - even to verify his age of 14 years (which as he's 6' tall, the newsagent didn't query).

I am working out what this means in parenting terms and tweaking my schedule accordingly:

Day 1: Up at 6.30am to ensure ManChild was up. K was leaving the house early anyway, so gave him a lift to the newsagents. Deliveries completed on way to school, which I verified by text.

Day 2: Up at 6.30am to ensure ManChild was up. Established he was then went back to sleep until my usual alarm.

Day 3: Texted ManChild from my bed at 6.30am when alarm went off. Received a reply within 10 seconds. Fell asleep again immediately.

Day 4: Vague memory of ManChild coming into our room to say goodbye before he left the house. Woke up to usual alarm. And a text from him to say round done.

Day 5: ManChild off school for training day, but had to be up for paper round anyway. Feeling bad for him plus I need the exercise, so got up and did the round with him. Went back to the newsagents afterwards and waited outside while he collected his first pay. Took him for coffee to celebrate before walking home together.

Week One complete.

I'm such a grown up.