1 May 2012


I have just spent the best part of an hour ironing in the kitchen. Ethan has kept me company for most of this time, having his supper, doing his homework and chattering on and on and on about the ipad3.

Ethan (walking past me and the big pile of laundry): 'Night then mum'

Me (peeling off a percentage of the pile and offering it to him): 'Wait- take these with you mate. And put them away in the place where they live.' (I add these 3 words as I've recently discovered a sizeable stash of his clothing, mainly unworn, on the floor behind his sofa bed).

Ethan: *SIGH*** (accompanied by rolling of the eyes)

Me: 'You realise that most of the laundry process in this house is automated, don't you? You wear the clothes, stick them in the wash and they get cleaned, dried, folded (or occasionally ironed) and all you have to do is put them away. You're onto a good thing really, yeah?'

Ethan: *SIGH*** (accompanied by rolling of the eyes)

Me: 'Oh- and the dressing of yourself. You do have to do that bit too. Are you going to need a hand with that one?'

Ethan: 'You know the ipad3 is faster than our broadband??'