24 May 2017

You are running low on storage space

(and this is probably why...)

No shopping bags in the back of the car + a stubborn reluctance to pay 5p for carriers trash the planet = the above

Please note: Only 15.5p / 100sht

Evidence submitted for independent Gobbit review. I lost.

A tiny far away person who is probably normal sized when you get close to them. But I was far away.

Chasing blossom as it falls off the tree. She got really happy when she caught some before it hit the ground. Adults don't do this and I'm not sure why.

The demise of Calamity Ganon. Oh yes.

Girl in a box. Just because she fits.

Our old dishwasher being left at the tip. Sad until I realised it could make a new friend. It had a long and (mostly) useful life. 

A seagull on a bin by Tesco. It was about to commit an act of littering until cunningly distracted with tiger bread. 

A new jogging walking fast door to door record from Jen's to mine. Woo hoo.  

... plus many, many more moments of randomness that in the age of 35mm film would be lost to obscurity.

The End

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